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Transfer Domain

Service enables you to transfer your Domain Name from any other Domain Registrar to During the Domain transfer process, your website will continue to function without any problem or interruption. In addition, we will extend your Registration term from its present expiry date!

In case a customer transfers his domain from another registrar to he gets one-year renewal, free of charge from the date of expiry.

Please Note: In case any customer has placed a request for renewal of his domain name with his old registrar and at the same time within a period of 45 days from the date of renewal from his existing Registry, has also requested to transfer his domain, then the renewal request made with the old registry shall be void.

The request for transfer shall happen in its due course and if successful the offer of one-year free renewal shall take place by and not by the Old registrar.

Please complete the information below to initiate a transfer of your Domain Name. We are unable to process Domain Names that will expire within 10 days of today.

Why Transfer?*

  • Lower Domain Name Renewal Fees
  • Friendly, reliable technical support
  • Customized control panel for easy Domain management
  • 24X7 customer support for all your Domain related queries

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